Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Limit number of Contacts user can have in Lync

If you want to set the number of contacts a user can have please go though below steps.

To check the current configuration run below commands.It will display the current limit


Result will be like

MaxContacts: 250

Set contacts limit in global lvele follow the below comands

Set-CsUserServicesConfiguration –Identity global –MaxContacts 750

To create new policy follow the below steps

New-CsUserServicesConfiguration –Identity site:Redmond –MaxContacts 400

To create pool level find below commands

New-CsUserServicesConfiguration –Identity service:UserServer:Servername –MaxContacts 100

 To find out number of contacts for a user use the Lync resource kit tool.There is no powershell script available.

Run below command from the command prompt wher the resource kit directory

DBAnalyze.exe /> c:\output.txt

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