Monday, June 4, 2012

Change Lync Database default path

This is one of the major topic which i faced lot of issues.I tried multiple time to create databse using install-csdatabase command but it always create database its on logic.not wher you want.So after lot of study i found a solution and moved databse in to proper disks where i required.
Here in my case most of the databses created in C drive.I wanted create in E drive.Find the below steps how i achived the same.
Logon to SQL server
Open SQL managemnet Studio
Click on New Query
Follow the Steps Below
Note down the database path
  use rtcab
Detatch the databse
   use master
   sp_detach_db 'rtcab'

Lync Simultaneous ring Leads to grabbled voicemail

When you enable simultaneous ring in lync client and your not answered the will get a grabbled voice mail.
This issue is because your ifrastructure configuration mismatch of lync and call manager.below is the solution for this issue.
Go to UM dial plan o your Unified messaging server configuration.In general tab go to VOIP security settings select secured insted of SIP secured.

This solved my issue.Hope this will Help you also.

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