Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lync 2010 Limited Functionality error

This issue i have faced 3 or 4 times.But i haven't seen solution anywher in the net.First it took more time to identify the issu.So i thought this may help people like me.

First you verify the databse status from Backend sql managemnet studio.
Status of rtc and rtcdyn databse.This problem because of inconsistencies in rtcdyn databse.
If the problem started after Lync CU4 update then run the second command mentioned in lync kb article to restore the rtcdyn databse.Mostly this will resolve the issue.

Still You are facing the issue and you are not seing any ubnormalities in the databses please verify the permission of rtcdyn database.RTCUniversalservice shoud have read write permission on rtcdyn database

Last option is to stop all front end services.Login to Backend server,drop the rtcdyn database and create the database using install-csdatabase -update command from the lync fronend server.

Hope this will help you.Any updates please comment.............

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