Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remove + from FromURI or RequestURI in Lync 2010

Some of the call manager will not suppot when lync initiate call with +symbol in both to and From URI's(E.164).In such cases You can remove the + from lync side while sending to the call manager or gateway.

ToURI + you can strip from the trunk configuration using GUI.Like below.

But to remove + from FromURi there is  no option available in GUI mode.Format will be something  like this.from<sip:+12345@.....>.In this case gateway or call manager may not acept such request.
This option you can change using powersehell script.Run the get-cstrunkconfiguration.You will get output like below.

Here in the image highlighted seeting we need to make it as true.So it will remove + before sending to Call manager or gateway.Command will be like this.Set-CStrunk configuration -identity "test" RemovePlusFromUri $true.Now the Header wil be like From<Sip:12345@.....>to<.....>

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