Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lync with Cisco VCS Integration/HD Integration

Most of the organisation wil be having High defnition conference feature available.So the users who are using Lync they can utilise that feature using Lync client easily with below steps.The document is svailable on Cisco sites but still below one will be an easy refernce for you.

First you need to add VCS domain as truted application in Lync topology then only Lync will accept request from VCS.

Here is command to make VCS as trusted application:
1- Add application pool
New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity <vcsdomainfqdn> -Registrar LyncFEPool -site <Sitenumber you want to integrate> -RequiresReplication $false -ThrottleAsServer $true -TreatAsAuthenticated $true

2- Add application
New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationID VCSApplication1 -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn <vcsdomainfqdn> -Port 5061
3- Set The encryption Level.
set-CsMediaConfiguration -EncryptionLevel supportencryption
4- Create static route to route the request towards VCS.
$Route1=New-CsStaticRoute -TLSRoute -Destination "vcsdomainfqdn" -MatchUri "domainname" –Port 5061 -UseDefaultCertificate $true
Set-CsStaticRoutingConfiguration -Identity global -Route @{Add=$Route1}

Above part is from Lync side.Same way need to configure Cisco VCS to accept lync request.
Once both side configured you can dial conference number from Lync and enjoy the conference from your Desk.

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