Monday, November 12, 2012

Set Media Port Ranges in Lync

Here i am explaining this mainly for Enabing QoS for Lync services.If your organization is with large network this is necessary to limit lync Media traffic into a defined port ranges.SO this QoS can be enabled inall network appliances and assign the bandwidth from the network level.
Below is the commands to set the mediaports in Lync 2010

Client Ranges

Set-CsConferencingConfiguration -ClientMediaPortRangeEnabled 1
Set-CsConferencingConfiguration -ClientAudioPort 20000 -ClientAudioPortRange 40 -ClientVideoPort 20040 -ClientVideoPortRange 40 -ClientAppSharingPort 20080 -ClientAppSharingPortRange 40 -ClientFileTransferPort 20120 -ClientFileTransferPortRange 40 -ClientMediaPort 20160 -ClientMediaPortRange 40

Lync Pools

Set-CsConferenceServer -Identity <PoolFQDN> -AppSharingPortStart 40803 -AppSharingPortCount 8348

Set-CsApplicationServer -Identity <PoolFQDN> -AppSharingPortStart 40803 -AppSharingPortCount 8348


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